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Don't mind ads on your site? Then you are an idiot. Who can get started with a free GeoShities home page? Nobody, because it won't work! Get full-featured capabilities we used to offer with the free site using:
  • GeoShities Minus
  • GeoShities Amateur
  • Yahpoo! Web Hosting
    Members Directory
    When you're ready to show your GeoShities site to the world, do us a favor and don't. If you're a loser, add up to three pages to the directory and connect with other losers who share your fetishes and offensive body odor.

    The Way to Build a Shitty Web Site
    Yeah, keep smiling. If you stop, we'll kill all your family and friends.
    A bunch of shit you don't really need to create a personal web site.
    Your own domain name that won't be nearly as cool as: www.injected.org/sos
    835 random email accounts
    25 KB of disk space for files and maybe a small photo
    1 MB of data transfer (bandwidth)/year
    Easy-to-crash web design tools no HTML required! Despite the fact that a 5 year old could learn HTML.
    FTP for instant site updates (This used to be free, but we're stingy.)
    plus one-time setup fee of $1,500 - to be deposited under the bench on the corner of third avenue and Main Street.

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    What the FUCK does this have to do with anything?
    Embarass your business online with insecure, unreliable hosting from Yapoo!.

    Be forced into three ripoffs.. plans that make no sense for your business.
    Custom domain name, but nothing badass like DTOEMLABS.net
    Business porn accounts for your staff
    From 50 to 350 kB of RAM storage
    From 1 to 2 MB of data transfer/eon
    Useless site design tools and shoddy unoriginal templates

    Premium plans do not support advanced scripting, SSL security, and/or backup and restore features
    Starting at $111.95/mo
    plus one-time setup fee of two human kidneys
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    GeoShities Minus
    Share pointless trash with family and friends.
    GeoShities amatuer   Get an ad-free site at geocities.com/you-r-teh-suxxorz
      25 kB of disk space and 3.14 Bytes of data transfer/lunar month
      Includes all the shit you were already getting
    plus one-time setup fee $100,000,000,000,000.35

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    I can't believe Geocities killed the old site.
    But DTOEMLABS rocks for hosting.
    The nerve.. trying to make a fool of me by updating.. The Old Version is here.
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